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Protecting our workers, our customers and their customers.

Bucket Truck and Utility Service WorkersMaintaining job safety is an integral part of our company’s philosophy.  Our excellent safety record not only helps us recruit the best personnel, it also benefits our customers. We are compliant with all OSHA regulations and our goal is to always exceed industry standards.

Ongoing safety training.

We require our workers to participate in periodic First Aid and CPR training.  All personnel are provided with an overview of our safety program, our On-Site Hazard Communication Program, new employee safety orientation and instruction, on-site and weekly safety updates and frequent safety seminars.

Measurable safety achievements:  fewer incidents = better ratings.

Our exemplary safety history has been assigned a consistently low EMR (experience modification rate – comparing actual losses to expected losses) through Workers Compensation. The current industry average is 1.0, so anything below that considered outstanding. Our numbers are always well below 1.0.

We are committed to a Drug-Free Workplace.

Sertex is fully compliant with the “Drug-Free Workplace” Act of 1988 and DOT compliant “Drug and Alcohol” testing.  All applicants are required to pass a pre-employment drug test before being hired and CDL drivers undergo random testing for the duration of their employment. Our strict policies on this have prevented accidents and contributed to our excellent safety record, which in turn has lowered our insurance costs.